As Valentine's Day arrives every year, that great Valentine's Day in which it seems that everything is little to express and demonstrate the love and affection he feels for each other. As we know that many love to surprise that special person on that February 14, there could be a post dedicated to the original gifts for Valentine's Day, in which you can see 17 ideas with which you will surely surprise your partner; ideas to buy and also its most DIY version. Do not miss it!

And if you are a fan of Cupid and when you finish you want more, you have to see this list with more crafts: DIY Valentine.

1. Original gifts for Valentine's Day: hilorama

Give a thread to your partner and leave him speechless. Doing so is very easy. You just need a wooden base, some nails, hammer and some thread. Start by drawing on the base the shape you are going to do and then place the nails following that silhouette. The final part is the funniest and the one that gives the most play, you just have to roll the thread all the way using the nails you put to give the shape. The result is super cool and it takes less than it seems

2. Give a loving pillow on Valentine's Day

It may seem silly to give a pillow but if your partner does not live in the same city as you ... this option will be the winner. Make him a pillow with a message like this: "If you miss me, hug this pillow." Cool, right? You can get a basic in any establishment that sells bedding and then with a marker or fabric paint write the message.

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