He has not yet found a way that we can do a spanking while staying at my or his parents' house but he has assured me that if he needed to, he would rent a hotel room just for the purpose. "And think how pissed I'd be if I had to pay $60 or more just to get your attitude back in line, hm?"

Another thing that we make sure of is that no matter how tired we are (and I can certainly get worn out by being on my company manners and dealing with his mother, LOL!), we never "just roll over and go to sleep". I could not handle that after a day of not really seeing him. We do that at home but never when we are out visiting. We always at least kiss and snuggle while we are falling asleep.

At my parent's house we try to do some talking in bed because the baby still sleeps with us there. At his parent's house, the kids are all sleeping downstairs so we usually get some sexual connection. He usually makes it something that means submission on my part (e.g. holding me down, ordering me to do what he wants, ordering me to have an orgasm when I say I am too tired). I think that helps me to stay connected to his dominance and authority. He also makes a point of using "pillow talk" that reminds me that I belong to him and that my obedience and respect really make him know that I love him and make him feel more manly. He reminds me that he loves me and that the rules are still there even if the consequences are different.

Some of these things he just came to naturally and some of them he gleaned from listening to what I need. My husband is very good at this, almost instinctively, but sometimes I think he second guesses his instincts because they so go against the societal norms and what we did for most of our relationship.

Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favorite of my husband's covert dominance techniques is this. When no one else is in the room, he will just tackle me on the couch or push me up against the kitchen counter or put my needlework aside and pull me into his lap and just start kissing me and necking, basically. While he is nuzzling my neck, he will say something like, "Don't think I didn't hear how you talked to me at dinner. Was that respectful? Is that how we talk to each other? You know what would happen if I heard that kind of attitude at home, don't you? You think about that and make it enough to curb your mouth, you hear? Do you understand me?"

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