Check the competitors' backlinks

The easiest and easiest way to find new places where you can create backlinks is to look at the backlinks of your competitors. If you could get links from the majority of websites that reference your competitors, you could upgrade them to Google.

You can get a list of all the back links of your competitors as well as a report on all their new links, using Monitor Backlinks. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start a free trial right now, connect your website. Once you have added your competitors, you can see the list of all their backlinks by looking on the competitor's page.

In green, you can see highlighted areas where you already have a back link. You should focus on getting links from other areas. Use Ahrefs or Moz metrics to determine the value of these websites and determine if they are worth it. Every ten days, Monitor Backlinks reruns your competitor's backlinks profile and sends you a report with all the backlinks it has created or earned recently. This helps you to be aware of their link building campaigns.

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