Blonde Chick: "Look at him, he's a very attractive guy. He's color coordinated, his clothes look good, he has on nice shoes, he's tall, cleanly shaven."

She goes on and on...

Blonde Chick: "He's a gentleman, a nice guy."

Me? A nice guy? My boys erupt in laughter, even I had to laugh at that one. She goes on...

Blonde Chick: "Look at you, you're a bum, you don't know how to dress, don't know how to talk to women. See, that's why I hate white guys. You just don't get it."

Those are her exact words. The guy in question just doesn't care, and can't take a hint. She only likes black guys. He still tries to get on her, unsuccessfully...

White Guy: "Hey, why don't you give me your number."

Blonde Chick: "Ok, I guess."

White Guy: "My phone is in the bathroom. Come with me to get it."

Blonde Chick: "No, that's ok, you can bring it out here."

White Guy: "Just come, it's in Assanova's room."

I then see the goth chick and the blonde chick make eye contact. They're like "No, no, not going in there.", but they're doing it without making sound. I'm just reading their lips and body language. Puerto Rico sees the same thing, and is laughing his ass off. The two of us are just laid back, not saying a word, while we watch our white buddy get blown out.

The two girls eventually leave. I apologize to the hot goth chick for my white buddy's behavior, tell her that I'll eventually give her a call. They leave...

White Guy: "Fuck those bitches man!"

Someone has a bitter taste left in their mouth.

Wednesday night. I'm going to ride that fucking bull at Panini's...

Big Country: "Assanova, let's get some girls!"

Girls? Fuck girls. That bull is calling my fucking name. I look at one of the million bleach blondes passing around the list. Sign me up. Sign me up as the black guy. The black guy? You're right, I'm being too humble. Sign me up as the hot black guy.

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