Ferdinand Bardamu PERMALINK November 20, 2009 1:21 pm Whenever I hear the word “soulmate,” I reach for my Desert Eagle. The concept is such bathetic, pathetic, new age crap that it makes me nauseous. It’s also an manifestation of modern narcissism – “I’m so awesome, there’s someone out there who’s just MEANT for me!” Ugh.

Bhetti PERMALINK* November 20, 2009 2:14 pm Woman: “You are my soul mate!” Mr. Bardamu: “…” Woman: “Is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you –”

Il Capo: The word soulmate is definitely a brilliant screening tool for tempestuous types.

A) Girlfriends and not just girl friends, I hope! B) In terms of advice, concrete examples work best. For example, I have a very attractive relative who’s single at her age; she’s always used when warning against leaving it too long. Try ‘single older men are players who won’t commit or bitter divorcees, you need to get them young’. This angle works best for even the most deranged logic as its quite hard for a woman to overcome her social conditioning to opt for a younger man. Try ‘There’s a woman I know who was so attractive when she was younger. Then the light seemed to go out of her around thirty; stress, work, pollution, tanning, I don’t know. She got so desperate for kids that she married this guy she wouldn’t have looked twice at.’

But, well, it takes more than a 5 second conversation to get the message to sink in. Especially when a lot of the media is pandering to women who’ve made the wrong choices for themselves and are trying to feel good about it.

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