by ladyjay on 2004 May 26 - 09:48 | reply to this comment Needing Submission Melanie, I had a very hard time submitting in the beginning of my relationship.In my lesbain relationship, I know that I need submission. There are times, many times that I don't like it and I don't want to submit. Yet I also know this, that the sweet, safe secure feelings I get after I do submit make it all worthwhile.

My partner is never unjustified in administering a punishment. I have been spanked (always bare bottom because I need that! I need to submit that part of myself for correction) and I need to submit when/wherever she decides the spanking will take place. This makes sense to me, if I am in public and need to be corrected (despite numerous warnings) then it happens, I've been restricted on computer time, going out with friends, and sent to bed (many times) until she says I can be up again.

These punishments do not feel good, they hurt (literally), sometimes I find that I really do WANT to be up watching TV or reading so being in bed in the day time is very hard for me. Yet it gives me an amazing amount of time to reflect on my behaviorAuthority is the right or power to enforce rules or give orders. As a man with an interest in having a Taken In Hand relationship, I like the idea of having the power to exercise authority over a woman who would enjoy that. I have no interest in being in an authority position over a woman for whom that would not be exciting and enjoyable: it would have to be consensual. I am not someone who thinks men have the moral right to be in authority over their women: this is only for those who find the idea of authority fun, exciting and erotic.

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