I completely understand what you're saying about non-consensual consent / blanket consent etc. and I know that that is what you believe in. I was very impressed by your article "Rape as a Gift" -- it disturbed me but I didn't feel offended or angered, because you did discuss consent and fantasy and you made it clear that these were your feelings, not those of universal womanhood. But there would be a big difference between that article and one which was written without any concept of consent or desire on the part of the woman, but implied that this is secretly what all women want...

As for consent being implicit because this is an article on your site, and you obviously do believe in consent, again, I understand, but respectfully disagree. Perhaps posting a disclaimer or a mission statement here might be a good idea, but reading and re-reading the article I didn't see anything in it that implied consent of any kind and a lot that implied that this really is what all women want and need (whether they know it or not). Did I misread that?

When you say that you find this idea of male dominance erotic that makes perfect sense to me, just as it would make perfect sense if you found the idea deplorable. It's your absolute right as a consenting adult to pursue your desires (not to mention life, liberty and happiness). And of course what you desire long-term (happiness and security) will at times conflict what you desire in the short-term (freedom from pain and discomfort) -- this is no different than deciding to take up a fitness regime with a trainer that may involve a great deal of short-term discomfort.;area=summary;u=44608;area=summary;u=548

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