idontwannawackit September 16, 2012 at 9:26 am Hello everyone.

Ed, bro you’re amazing and my hero for how long you’ve lasted!!!!!!!

Starting wednesday I lasted until Sunday. What can I say I edged too much like a jackass and gave in. But even during those THREE days I noticed an improvement in my desire to work out and be more positive!!! I started college friday and was only two days into it and I opened on two girls in my class. But who knows, that could’ve been simply because it was my first day (you know how first days go :P) Reading these posts have definitely made me more determined to give it all I have. In the past I have lasted 2 weeks but gave in.

Really, guys, we shouldn’t need to post on here everyday, WE ARE MEN!!!! That is my true motivator. If I ever get the urge that is my first thought “If I can’t commit to something as simple as this, well what CAN I commit too!?” It is our job as men to be dominant and accomplish our goals no matter what the cost.

I understand though some of us need this extra motivation (including myself) to commit to this. It is hard especially when you don’t have much to do. i moved to a different country so I rarely have many activities going on so it makes it THAT much harder. I occupy myself with guitar, music, lifting weights and reading (which is the most effective if you don’t wanna masturbate!!!) seriously I was a minute away from edging and I started reading and I forgot all about my boner!!!!

But today I plan on setting my plan into action! No masturbation for as long AS POSSIBLE. I feel like setting a date/days is exactly what I don’t need because I always divide it in half lol so I’m just gonna go for it free for all. I will keep you guys updated when I have internet.

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