Stadium Says: December 28th, 2011 at 7:14 am Hi I was reading and there are some pointers but I was in a relationship for like 2 years we loved and cared for her thru thick and thin but…..she was married and they were on the merge of divorcing and we were trying to make a good life we had a baby on the way and with jealosly problems and my anger issues it was on and off.we have a son together try to spend time witj him but in may we broke up because she was still married so no later than a month in a half later shes already with someone…ever since she was.with the new guy she changed I’ll try to contact her on the holidays and no contact,text her and she doesnt text back onl

anonymous Says: February 17th, 2012 at 6:08 pm I was with my girlfriend for almost 3 years. She broke up with me for a few different reasons but told me that she still loves and will always love me. Its been 4 gut wrenching months since the break. I should be moving on, but havn’t because of the mixed signals she has given me. When she left me I didnt beg her back. I told her that I didnt want it, but that I understood. Within the first week I never contacted her, but she text me alot, about how hard it is, how she misses me, etc. I would respond that i missed her also, but still never begged her back. A girl i know posted something on facebook that was very flirtatious and my ex saw it, and was so upset she deleted her facebook account. She still didnt want me back but we still text back and forth. I decided to ignore her texts because being texting friends was to hard if she didnt want to get back with me. She started blowing up my phone two days later upset that i was ignoring her so i finally responded and asked her if she wanted to meet up. We met up and talked and i gave her a letter saying that I wanted her back, but respected whatever decision she gave me, but if it was to not get back, i didnt want to be friends because it was preventing me from moving on. We had no contact for a week, but then we both started texting back and forth for the next month or so. Her texts had been more frequent during the last three weeks. I decided to finally ask her out because of all the texts recently, and because i know for a fact that she still loves and misses me. She told me that it probably not be a good idea to meet up because shes kind of talking to another guy and out of respect she shouldnt. I told her i respect that and that i wish her well. She text back that what i said meant alot and that she would always love and care about me. I love this girl so much and would marry her if i could get her back. She obviously doesnt want me right now, but obviously cant let go. What would be the best thing for me to do? I know i cant sit around and wait for her and i am going to move on but i would love to get her back.

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